Uploading several files at once

So I want to do a program, that after button is pressed, it opens the file picker several times, so user is able to upload several files without pressing the button for each file.
Is it possible or is it limited by the gef file function (like here Thunkable)?

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Please stop spamming multiple topics about this. It’s not even related to the topic!

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Yeah, I get that you’re frustrated. But it’s not going to help to ask on every topic if anyone is having problems with interstitials. If you’ve emailed support, engaged them on the chat icon, and posted in the forums… I’m not sure what else you can do.


@tatiang please solve his/her problem (@jozkobachnicekiy).
But I will reply to you, @jozkobachnicekiy that yes, it’s possible that you can, because of your technology that you just used in your app. Worked for me!
Edit: :x:I shouldn’t have replied to him, I should’ve just ignored tatiang and just replied to the original poster.
Edit 2: Maybe I should’ve replied to @tatiang, but since you’re a leader, would you censor the s word? after “thunkable support dont give a”?

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“This is the first time afnan.fozail4698 has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!”
Welcome to the community, but please note that I am that account! It’s my second account!

Where did you test it? I tried it via the web wiewer and the Thunkable mobile app compiler (or what it is) with no success - I still need to press the button 3 times to do the job…

@afnan.fozail4698 Profanity is not allowed here on our forums.

Hi @jozkobachnicekiy,
I used the thunkable in browser. It worked for me.
But I don’t know why it doesn’t work on Thunkable Live, it’s on my end. You’re right, so I don’t really know why Live displays stuff different than Website (Thunkable X).

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