Unable to set BUTTON BG color to Transparent in Blocks


Im trying to toggle the BG color of a BUTTON to TRANSPARENT in Block Code but i only get a list of colors but unable to find TRANSPARENT. My screen BG color is a HEX color and not a standard Listed Color.


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You can use a text block with


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I wish I could use the alpha channel but under the color section in blocks thunkable doesn’t have an area for alpha. Screenshot_20210102_005928


I’m trying to change a button background color by setting it to rgba(0,0,0,0) and it’s not working. Changing text colour to this doesn’t work either. Do you think this is a bug?

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Are you using DnD or StP?


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Use the word transparent instead of the color.

Just tried that and it’s still not working. But I’d like to use rgba so I can make coloured backgrounds semi transparent

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I just tried this and it worked


That’s strange, I was doing the exact same the other day and it wasn’t working but now it is. Thanks for the help

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