Color TRANSPARENT vs. Color NULL Change

Thunkable changed the way transparent color is handled. The HEX value now shows “TRANSPARENT”


Previously, to set a screen component to transparent, the color property was set to null. Now the default color is used. Setting the text color in a block to the string TRANSPARENT does NOT make the color transparent.

This is a real problem for created components, as they do not exist at design time. Cloned components have a similar problem. One technique I have used to make dynamic, data driven screens is to create a button with an image and “hidden text”. The Hidden text is used with the ANY BUTTON Click event to cause each button to peform a data-specific action. Now all of those buttons have VISIBLE text.

I really appreciate that the Thunkable team is working on the core elements of the system. I understand the release notes shouldn’t necessarily include all of the refactoring changes made, but it would be nice if the release notes included changes to the behavior of Thunkable.It is nice to know what changes I need to make, rather than stumbling across them.

To get around this issue, I set the text color = rgba(0,0,0,0)


Seems like something that might have been changed by accident? And that should be easy to fix. But I agree that knowing about changes like this would be helpful since our existing blocks depend on consistency.

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Or I was using a defect as a feature. :wink:

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Must use “transparent” in blocks.

Haven’t posted in quite a while, hope I’m not reviving too old of a post… I’ve checked around and can’t find the ability to change how much transparency.

I understand actech’s explanation of using “transparent” in blocks, but how to decide the actual value? Is there a way in the text to tell it somewhere between 0-100?

Thanks again


Color setting options Transparency changes from 0 to 1. it is Also possible to set the format #rgb, #rgba, HSL (hue, saturation, brightness) or HSLA (with a transparency component), for example: #ff0 #f0f8 hsl(200, 100%, 50%) hsla(200, 100%, 50%, 0.1) The transparent color can be set as follows: rgba(0,0,0,0) or the string “transparent”.


Thank you this is what I needed for part of it. The last part I’m having trouble with is how to make an eraser for hand written notes, any ideas?

Thanks again

I can’t just make the color of the line white because usually there will be a photograph behind the drawing. So a white line would literally just start drawing white lines on top of the photo.

Any help would be so much appreciated, thanks again @actech

This is not an easy task. Since there is no ready-made solution, you will have to do everything manually and work with vectors. The user swipes his finger across the screen and in response, the program draws a line in the form of vectors on a timer. To erase lines, you need to set the area around your finger and make transparent those vectors that fall into this area.

The canvas works very slowly and for this reason, the methods with restoring the canvas points under the line are not applicable.

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Ok thank you for this, man I wish that wasn’t the case. There’s not already a template on thunkable floating around for this I suppose?

Thanks again for your support @actech

Something that would also be a solution for me, I could preload sprites onto the canvas, then as I drag my finger across each individual sprite they could disappear? Is this possible?

Thank you again kind sir