Unable to remove photo with blocks

Hello, I have a small project and in it I am unable to remove the image, I have to press the button twice for the image to dissapear, in my other projects the image dissapears in one click, any ideas ?


Thanks !


Try loading a small transparent and blank image into Image.Picture.

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I’ll try, but isn’t it supposed to work this way ? Because it works for the test project I made :confused:

I noticed oddities when working with Image, so I offer the most reliable option in my opinion. Image.Picture = empty string. Are you sure this should work? I’m not sure.

Try assigning a transparency pixel in base64 format to clean the image.


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I’m sorry but how should I insert the code you sent me ? I failed to understand

Paste this code in the text block that is assigned to Image2.Picture. In the Image.Picture property, you can specify not only the name of the image file, but also the code of this image in base64 format. I think this news may seem interesting to you, because it allows you to work with images (save, send, etc.) in text format base64.


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