[UI Interface] Forum App Design

Hi there,here is BlueWhaleYT.
I have a period of time didn’t share any UI Interface for the application.Here I am going to share a new UI of the forum.It is suitable for web and app interface.
I have just focus about the forum core ( all post/categories ) and post page.I didn’t design about Sign in page,post editor page these features of the forum.This is just a sample for you to sample it.

Note that I didn’t design or implement it with Thunkable.This is a design by using Prototype tools only.So don’t ask me any functions regarding it, I will confuse about it XD.

App Name : forum (just so so XD)
App Author : BlueWhaleYT
App Theme : Yellow #feca57 (many captivating colors can find out here : https://flatuicolors.com/palette/
I am highly recommend this.


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