Txt hint does not get cleared on click


I clicked and tried to clear it using blank, null, false none of them worked. Unfocus does clear it. When I type it gets cleared away which is its feature. So probably clearing is not possible at all? Please advice. Thanks

You can clear the text input’s hint when the screen opens but it doesn’t seem to be possible to clear it when the text input is clicked. All text input components clear the hint when you start typing.

Is there a reason you need it to clear when the user clicks it?

Edit: I did a little testing and the “Click” event for a Text Input doesn’t seem to trigger at all in a web browser. On my iPhone in Thunkable Live, it does. So this is less a problem with your coding and more a problem with that particular event block not working properly.

I reported this as a bug here: Text Input "click" event does not trigger in browser · Issue #1261 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

This shows “clicked” and clears the text input hint on my iPhone but does nothing in a web browser:


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