Clear input with X

Does this exist where you can instantly clear the text with a little x on the end of the text input?


In the thunkable public gallery
Type towball

Select X to Clear public project

Here is a very simple solution to clearing the text.


Get the X from google or make the X image that you want
Add a row
Add a text input to the row
Add an image to the row

In the blocks put the following


Regards Baz


I ended up building my own and solving it with this

It’s 2 inputs both height absolute 35 with edges rounded to around 20 or more
I customized the connecting edges to not be rounded so they appear to be a single input.
This is under Advanced > Styling

Then I make the 2nd input width fit text and add 15 padding to the right side.

I put both of those inputs into a SINGLE row, and that row is in a column, then I just hide the column.

Then in the blocks I clone the row (the row is set to visible so I don’t have to unhide it)
Then I count every input on screen and find that specific component that I just tapped.
Then it just counts every input on the screen, minus 1 (because it must be the PRIOR INPUT since they’re literally right next to each other).
Then it clears the text of that PRIOR INPUT.
And it dismisses the keyboard anytime you tap an input with that specific hint set, in my case I use the emoji :heavy_multiplication_x:

Blocks, layout, and on screen results are in the SS below

Mark Solved

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I have an even better solution…

It’s right below the hint text color under the advanced settings of Text Input components
Updated this as the real solution

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