Txt - File download with Thunkable X

Hi there;
I want to download a TXT- file from my Server, with a link like “http//myserver.net/WWW/myfolder/myfile.txt” and Show the file in a listview. Is there any way to do that? I tried the search function, but found nothing for thunkable X.


Hey Michael!

Does your server works as a webAPI? Then you might want to try the web API blocks, to ‘get’ the document and read the contents and later put them in a list.

But if it doesn’t and you just want to read text from an url, webviewer don’t support this according to the documentation.

However I encourage you to check the free available web APIs maybe there is one you could use --> https://github.com/public-apis/public-apis

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Ok, I think I understand what you mean and I read now lot of information about this. But I do not really get on.
Now, I put my txt-file in the google cloud. I also have a Google Cloud Storage JSON API and Cloud firestore API (I hope this is the right one?). But how can I now save the file via the APP on the I-Phone and then output the content in a ListView? Do you have, or is there anywhere a tutorial where I can “learn” this? I’ve tried to find something in the www, but either I enter the wrong search arguments, or there is nothing?
excuse me if I ask so stupid here, but at the moment I have absolutely no idea. With APP Inventor I have solve this with a file download, but here !!!

thx for your Patience

With Thunkable X, you won’t be able to save files, but you can get data from a web server and save it to local storage using the srored variable or the Local Storage component.

@actech: thx, sounds good, but can you tell me how I can handle this. Our have you maybe a link where I can found the Information witch I Need for this?


Would be nice to have this share

@danyklein: was meinst du damit?

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