Is it possible to download a file from a web ftp server?

I would like to download a file from a web ftp server. Is this possible in Thunkable ios? If so please give some instructions on how to do that.

I think it’s impossible now but maybe in the future this feature can be added!

Hi there. Yes, we will likely have to add a component to enable this. What kind of app are you trying to build?

Albert @ Thunkable

All my applications are developed for specific companies to handle their day to day work. The most important and needed functions in such applications are:

  1. Possibility to download files from a web based server. This could be list of projects, list of prises, images etc.
  2. Possibility to keep these information in the mobile device. Here, the best solution is having ability to use databases like MySQl. I see that in the latest release you have possibility to store data locally, something like TinyDatabase. Even though not the optimal solution, but by some more logical coding this can be used.
  3. Possibility to upload files at the end of each session to a web based server.
    As you can see for the time being it is not possible for me to use the iOS version of your Thunkable. I am sure that in near future all these functions and others that have to do with the estetic of the app like colouring buttons, adding images instead of plain buttons etc. will be added.
    You should be proved of what you have achieved so far. This is a big step and I am sure that it will be a success story.