Trying to extract the proprety object from api web link and the response is null

Hi there,
I am new in developing an app and trying to learn how to implement a web API in the app. I tried to set up a simple button that generate random quotes from a free api link, and I would like to get each property listed in a page, but when I use the “get property of object” it gives me a null response. This is my testing project at Thunkable

this is the view

and this is the blocks

Not sure what to do from here to pull out that information nicely. Any help it is highly appreciated. Thank you.

You can learn about how to parse an API response here: API JSON Tutorial (Video).

The best thing to do when troubleshooting an API is to assign the green response block to a Text Input’s text and then preview the project. Copy and paste the response into a post here. Make sure to format it using the </> button in the forum toolbar. (Screenshots don’t help because we need to be able to paste the JSON response into something like Best JSON Viewer and JSON Beautifier Online).

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I tested his/her link on Postman and this was the response:

    "statusCode": 404,
    "statusMessage": "The requested resource could not be found"

It’s best not to reply to outdated topics. I’m going to close this one.

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