Trouble programming a menu

I have received this from a student who is having difficulties. It’s probably not enough info, but I told him I would ask the community:

  • I want to make a menu that comes and goes based on when it’s clicked. For example, the first time it clicked it made a couple of things visible (opening the menu) then the second time it clicked it made them not visible (closing the menu)
  • I know I have to use a variable but I am having a lot of trouble with it.

It sounds like he’s trying to make a drop-down menu. If so, there are good examples of this to be found by Googling drop down menu Thunkable.

If not, I suggest you post a link to his project because it’s hard to troubleshoot this kind of thing without access to his screens. Keep in mind that a link to the project will not allow anyone else to change his original project; they will be accessing copies of it.

Hello @bschwartzsxc2 :wave:
I think I understand what your student is trying to build.
When it is the first time they click on it the value is 0.
So, the first condition needs to change to when the variable is 0 and the second condition can be removed and add all the blocks inside the else block. Also, please remember to change the blocks so that the second time they click to set the values to false and not true as they are now.

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I just noticed that the variable names don’t match. I assume they are wanting to toggle the value of app variable recipie thing from 0 to 1 and back to 0, etc. Is that correct? If so, they need all of the variables in that screenshot to be exactly the same. They currently have three different variables being used.

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@tatiang Thanks. This group doesn’t want to do a dropdown; however, another group does. We’ve Googled dropdown menu Thunkable, but seem to always come up with the older version which has different buttons/functionality. If you have another tutorial we’d love to consult it. We are learning!!!