tmHack - simulation hacker game - available on the play store

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tmHACK is a simulation game that features international hacking world wide based on attack and defence on Nations. The Third World War has begun, but the nations no longer have firepower instead they are employing Hackers from all over the nations to enhance the Nations IT Power Employed Hackers are given the power to defend their nation and destroy their enemy’s Information Technology (IT) is the strength and power of each country, but this is also a weak point. Stand as an army of hackers and defend your nation from its enemy. What are you waiting for?

In tmHACK you aim to become the strongest and richest hacker in the world. Find the servers of the other nations to enrich your country, and weaken the others. Defend your nation to the fullest Update your server, unlock goals and climb the ranking.


Very very nice app.

It would be good if you make tutorial out of it !! t

in the game at the bottom left, there is the help. see photos in the previous post. Video tutorials on YouTube will follow. thank you