Timer not functioning

CoinRushStop Timer does not seem to be firing. Is it bad coding or bug? It is supposed to turn off CoinRush Timer.

It looks like when COINSCOLLECTED is ≥ 3, then one coin should be created. But it’s possible that COINRUSH stops working as soon as you disable it.

Does it create one coin? Does it create more coins? If it’s not creating any coins, then my guess is probably true.

It creates one coin every time it fires until CoinRushStop fires, but CoinRush is not being disabled by CoinRushStop it just keeps on creating coins.

You’re right, it’s not working correctly. I added a label and set up debugging text. I should see A, then B, then C, then D; but instead, I’m seeing A, then B, then C, then A, B, C, B, C, etc.

I never see D. That timer never fires even though it should. I’m not sure how reliable timers are in Thunkable. I also noticed that you’re using them like you would normally use variables so you might try app variables instead and see if that fixes the problem.

Also, the canvas is back to not working on my iPhone (it just shows up blank). I was able to preview it online from the Details page.

Thank you so much for spending time on this for me. As for blank canvas have you tried reinstalling the Live app, that worked for me. Would you be able to elaborate on the variable option, I am a little unclear how I would structure that.
Again much appreciative of your time.

I can see using a timer for something that needs to have a duration and/or a repeating aspect (every x seconds). But for your COINRUSHSTOP timer, it could just be a variable that changes from false to true… I don’t see a reason to make it a timer. Unless I’m missing something?

You also generally don’t want to check the value of a variable when a timer fires – unless you have a really good reason to – because the check is only going to be made at the moment the timer fires (e.g. an every 3 seconds timer will check once at 3 seconds, 6 seconds, etc.).

Instead, if you have a variable check (if app COINSCOLLECTED ≥ 3) within a Forever block, the check will be made constantly (at least ten times per second).

Updating the Thunkable Live app did fix the canvas display issue. Thank you.

I switched around a couple blocks and got the green screen to appear.

Can you explain your pseudocode/algorithm?

For example, are you supposed to drag the player to pick up coins and then once three coins are picked up, the coin creation should accelerate for a split second until the green screen appears, and then coin creation should stop?

That is exactly what i am trying to achieve. But accelerated creation should stop and normal creation speed should resume. I believe i have resolved the issue. :slight_smile:

. This kept retriggering the timer.