Thunkable X Companion Crashing

I am having this error shown on the screenshot below whenever I add the Canvas on the UI without any code. If I remove the Canvas from the UI the companion it is working very well, what can be the problem? is it the canvas component with bugs. @domhnallohanlon


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Hi. @Chanda_Simfukwe! :wave:

We know that the Thunkable Live app is crashing on iOS when using canvas / map.
Please follow this topic for future updates. -

Thanks! :blush:

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What is the solution or when will be the problem be resolved?

If you follow the topic that @kartik14 just advised you to follow for future updates, you will see future updates as they come.

As previously explained in that topic: “At the moment, an app with a Canvas component, but which doesn’t use any Canvas blocks, is susceptible to crashing. However, this will be fixed in the next release.”


@kartik14 *


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Fixed that one :smile: