Thunkable x colorboard



I hope that we can store our favourite colour because always type color hex or rgb is little bit trouble and. …I am lazy. … Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi there,

The best way to record a specific colour is to record its hex code or its RGBA value!
You could even make a little app just recording the colours you like :smile:
This screenshot records some colours I like and their RGBA values:

There are also sites like HTML Colour Codes and Colour-Hex which help you record the hex codes of colours that you like.

Hope that helps!


Material hex color


My issue is can we possible store (add) own color to the colorpad. Therefore we just choose and click


@BlueWhaleYT, it’s pretty straightforward to make a colour-mixer app with 3 or 4 sliders for (r,g,b,a) values