Thunkable X Base 64 Encoding!

I have been working on an app to communicate with the Particle API, but the API requires some of the text information to be Base 64 Encoded for it to interpret it. How is this possible with Thunkable X?

I have a functional version of my app running with Thunkable Classic, as there is an extension that directly encodes any string to base64, but I badly need the app to have cross platform support.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

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In the moment , its not posible

i have a solution but its… well

u can make a web html , get the text converts to base64 and then take it again to the app , whit json ,or airtable

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Do you have an example of how this would be done with Thunkable X? I am alright with anything at this point, haha.

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Encode to Base64


Perfect. :+1: :white_check_mark: