Thunkable With Wordpress

I have an wordpress blog and I really want to make an app for the blog where shows the latest posts… How I can do that? Is there any tutorial out there?

Im really having some serious difficulties in doing this so all help is welcome. I know about the webview but thats not what im trying to do…

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You want to use the Web API . not Webview



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So this can only be done using the Wordpress api right?

And is there any tutorial around?

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I do not know if it is the only way . I know it is a way. How to use the blocks… you can look up API Thunkable tutorials to see how they work.

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Already checked the API tutorials but still dont understand how I can make it work with wordpress… Would be great to have any tutorial related with Wordpress, this is really hard stuff for beginners…

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If you want to find more people to help you. Please reconfigure the category to be basic Thunkable X Discuss. This category is for if you know something you can teach them. :slight_smile:


I changed the category.

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Hi there,

You can find an introductory post to using the Wordpress API here.
If you search for ‘Wordpress API tutorial’ online you will find lots of resources teaching you how to get data from the API.
The Thunkable tutorials will show you how to get specific pieces of information from an API response and display it in your app.