Thunkable Tutorial: How to make a game: Space Game


I have made a tutorial on how to make a simple game in Thunkable.
I wanted to test the new canvas and sprite system and I love it.

If you like to watch my tutorial please visit:

The gamegraphics is made with PiskelApp - the purpose was not to make a pretty game but to test the workflow from PiskelApp to Thunkable.


Assets: (5.5 KB)


Welcome back, @bokalvslund! :wave: :handshake:

The tutorial is superb! :+1:


Bro can u please dm me in instagram my id is laksh_lucky_cr7 I wanna ask u something

@lakshyamss7 Why not ask here?

@karthik 14 Plz provide me u r instagram or any social media please

@lakshyamss7 Can I know the purpose?

Also, It’s @kartik14 .

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@kartik14 Yes, I wanna use thunkable calssic but I am new… My app design is ready but I wanna upload it… But I have to spend a lot of money on it so would u please dm me or help me get thunkable classic account!!!
Thank u

You may want to look into app inventor 2 is you are determined to use classic. Thunkable is turning off classic soon. It simply won’t be available to anybody.