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There some issues at my Thunkable storage. So I was tried to put in some gif into my project but it said that it can’t because if I added some gif, my storage will be full. But the thing is, the gif that I want to put is in the smaller size. More specifically in KB and I have 49Mb left in my storage.

Hi @emelptacz, could you please share your project URL with us? While that one gif may be small, there are other things that can contribute to project size and could be putting you up against the 50mb limit.

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Thanks for sending these over, @emelptacz. Looking over that last project, for example, there are 32 images, 44 screens, a local database, etc. All of these things combined can quickly get you up against the limits for app size, which is based on the size of the cumulative app and not just the attachments. You are using best practices in knowing to keep your individual file sizes between 50-100kb but those all add up.

I woud recommend seeing if you can find ways to refactor your app. Are there things you can do to reduce the number of screens and blocks used? There is some good info in our docs about refactoring your app here:

Thanks for your reply. I can’t reduce any of my screens or blocks because this is a school project. Is there any other solution other than paying for the storage?

Host your images in the cloud. I bet you don’t need 44 screens. I doubt they are actually unique.

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can you tell me how to do it ?

@emelptacz Cloudinary is great for hosting images and Thunkable already has an integration with them so set up is really pretty easy. Check our docs on that, [here]. (Slack).

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