Thunkable not seen a all companent in editor

Hi! everyone.

I watched example thunkable design project in youtube. And I see all of the components in this video.
But I login and Enter the thinkable site and design a my project. But all of the components not seen a menu. Forexample Listpicer or Spinner componenets is not seen in menu.

How can see all of this components in Thunkable editor? Please help me?

Hmm it seems you are looking at the classic Thunkable videos.
Thunkable has moved from classic to Thunkable X in 2019,
Because Thunkable X is a cross platform.

Thunkable X does not support these components yet.

But you can make them yourself.
Using a list for example to make a spinner.


Not sure what list spicer is but there is a loading icon! :slight_smile:
What’s the splicer do?

@jared i think he means the list picker component from classic Thunkable.

It basically shows a list picker dialog after pressing a button.

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