Thunkable not secure?

thunkable is not secure as per google see this -

clear cache’s and try
for mine i showed u just now

the page is loaded properly i did again still the same

samething happenned

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see can thunkable pls fix it

maybe allow permissions and try

all permissions are granted

@eko.devs.apploro what browser are you using?

Make sure you are using https:// and not just http://

it is https:// and i mentioned chrome please fix it @domhnallohanlon


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is it fixed @domhnallohanlon?


Interesting, when I load that particular page, it initially shows secure, then flips to not secure (see attached video). Other public projects do not have the same issue. I wonder if it has anything to do with the age of the project…

Google - Google Chrome 2021-01-16 (170.7 KB)

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