API issues. https supported?

Having issue with an API link. I get no response, not even an error, and yes the api key works perfectly when i search it in web browser on computer.

Does the API key have to be unsecured as in http? The one i am using is hosted as such by Google, and it begins with https so it is secure.

My question is does thunkable web api only support non encrypted connections?

all comments are much appreciated.

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Were you ever able to resolve this @eoinparkinson?

To the best of my understanding, https is supported, but if you let us know what API you are using then we can take a closer look.

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Hi Domhnall,

The API was GoogleNews, I believe the their website is Gnews.

I never went through with this project after running into bottle necks, etc.


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I am having similar problem with the use of web api as well.

This api which i found online works works well in both Thunkable web app and as a native app: https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/todos/1

But this api which i wrote and hosted as a microservice myself does not work in web app but works as a native app https://helloworld-a6lsnri2mq-uc.a.run.app/api/v1/resources/books?id=2

Are there differences in HTTPS that Thunkable recognize?

Hi, am facing a similar issue with fixer.io…got their free api key, it works perfectly fine in the browser but throws an error when called through thunkable…can you kindly help

From Browser:

In thunkable: