Thunkable apps now targeting iOS 16

All apps built with Thunkable will now target iOS 16, as required by Apple. New apps require no further action but users already on the App Store should send out a new update ASAP to avoid possible disruptions in service.

Hi Thunkers!

We have just rolled out an internal update to our platform affecting all users who have previously or will publish new apps to Apple’s App Store. This update ensures that all apps published and updated from now on will target iOS 16, as required by Apple effective April 25, 2023. This will allow Thunkable published and updated apps to remain on the App Store.

As soon as we were made aware that Apple would require all apps published on the App Store to target iOS 16, our team started working on this update so that it would be released before the deadline. By releasing this update ahead of Apple’s April 25th deadline, we are ensuring that our users will still be able to publish new apps or updates to their existing apps to the App Store with minimal impact or interruption.

With this update, you can still download a Thunkable app from the App Store if your device is using iOS 15. However, Thunkable recommends and actively supports only using a mobile OS that is actively receiving security updates. By targeting iOS 16 in apps built with Thunkable, your apps are deploying the latest and most secure set of SDKs and packages for you and your users.

If you are publishing your app for the first time, no changes will need to be made on your end. If you have an app that was previously published to the App Store, we strongly suggest that you update your app as soon as possible to ensure that it targets iOS 16 and remains listed on the App Store.

Our team has been working diligently over the past month to ensure that this update was ready before April and with minimal impact to you, our users. Please reply to this thread if you have a specific question about the update for Thunkable apps targeting iOS 16. Our Pro and Business users can also contact the Support Team by using the Request Chat feature in Thunkable.

Thank you!

The Thunkable Team


Hello @matt_conroy
My app is NOT working when I build it using Target Build for iOS 16, please help me to find what was wrong?
This is what happened when I test my app in Testfilght

This is my project link:
I hope you will help me as soon as possible :slight_smile: , many thanks!

hi @steven_dau, thanks for flagging this. I will take a look at the app and see what I may be able to find. Hang tight!

Hi @steven_dau, so it looks like the issue here involves the custom splash screen. In some older apps, where Pro users were previously able to have a custom splash screen (that is just available to our Business and Team users now., upon updating the app, it would crash after the custom screen. I’ve made a copy of the app (you may have to re-enter some fields for AdMob credentials) with the custom splash screen gone and it is working for me now to download. Take a look when you get a chance and let us know if it’s working for you again in TestFlight.

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I published app on Testfight with your new project and it didn’t work.
It is the same as I described above :frowning:

@steven_dau Could you try the original link I sent you and forego using the app icon when you publish again?

I tried again, and this is what happened :frowning:

Did you forget me?
I tried to find out what was happening with my app, and I found some things, please check it!
I created 2 basic apps using Database, 1 with Drag and Drop and 1 untick it.

  1. Project use Drag and Drop: Thunkable
  2. Project untick Drag and Drop: Thunkable
    I sent both to Testflight and Project Untick Drag and Drop can work well (Which using Drag and Drop couldn’t work). I hope this information can help you :slight_smile: