Thunkable App for Wearable Firmware Updating


I am developing a wearable device and was wondering if I could use Thunkable to write a cross platform app that users would use to push new firmware to their device. The device would connect to the users phone using Bluetooth and then the firmware would be transferred to it. I think it would be cleanest if the firmware was embedded in the app itself, rather than the firmware being hosted in the cloud or something. This should be simple at first, as there will only be 1 version of the hardware and the firmware will be small. Would something like this be possible be using Thunkable?


Currently Thunkable only allows for development of apps designed to function on android or iOS smartphone devices or tables only.

Thanks for the quick response! I don’t think I explained what I want to do very well. Sorry about that.

I would love to use Thunkable to make an iOS/Android app that my customers would download. That app would contain the firmware that needed to be installed on the wearable device (like a smart watch.) When there was new firmware available for the device, the user would update their app then transfer the firmware from the app to the device using bluetooth. Do you think that would be possible?