Thunk X app size (where do I see this?)

Where can one see the exact app size?
I have a ton of objects/blocks/etc and keeps getting bigger and really slow (15 secs to move a block from a to b). At what point does this blow? Seeing size would help and knowing some limits. I know better blocking skills helps optimize but I’d like to know where the limits are.
Any help appreciated.

Hi @townythunk

If you go back to your projects page and click on the “Details” button you’ll see the size of your project.

This, however only gives you an indication of the project size including things like images, sounds etc. it’s not really affected by the number of blocks, so doesn’t really answer the rest of your question.

Typically we’re seeing this behaviour around 700 blocks or so…do you know how many blocks are in your project right now?

thx but I don’t see anything to the right of the public button like your pic here shows. Maybe this is because I am still on the free system and not the pro yet?

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To the right of the Public button is the number of times your project has been remixed. If you see the Details button, click on the word DETAILS and you will then see the project size.