This is same block?

I try to find block funtion (first picture) and i see silimar block (secone picture) and use this but it have problem

I suppose the first image is on the Drag and Drop UI, and the second is on Legacy, right?

Yes, i try to copy function for create signup page and i sure and check it i paste block same on ui drop and have problem

can you join my project and check code for me ?

It looks like you are building your own function. What is the name of the block you’re trying to find in the drag-and-drop interface?

yes i’m confused i set function same like drop ui app but still have problem

function is verify email set logic command and put not variable is empty, not does variable contain @, not does variable contain . and not length of variable > 8 ,

I don’t understand what you’re having a problem with.

Can you post clear screenshots that show the whole function?