There are same titled TWO projects when create new one

just i said, if i create new project, exactly TWO projects created with same title.

i think there are many thunkers having same issue

and one of them is functioning well, on the other hand, the other is not. (if i clicked it, then just white screen comes out)

I tested it by creating two different projects. Each time only one project is created and not two.

When you click creat button, it takes a bit of time and if you click again then two projects will be created by the same name. I tested this situation and had two projects created with the same name but not due to a bug, it was because simply a clicked creat button twice.

Happy Thunking :grin:

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omg i didnt know at all
you right!

i think i may confused cuz project creating time is increased or something.


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I’m noticing a difference, too. I clicked with the new interface option selected, then thought it wasn’t responding and clicked again and ended up making several new projects with the same name.