The new WestWeb11 update

Here, once you have seen WestWeb, the new version 11 sounds good, but that was only for untill I came up with 5.1


Am I confused about thinking that WadWeb is not your original work or product. Claiming it yours is not ethical at all.
At least give the credit to the original developer.

It has been posted earlier by another member. See this


I know that thing.

what all he did is just add some image and text. it’s OK to say product but “work” because I made all the code (for not the one he shared).

I just reminded me to add “thanks to @jonathonschnoor6x4b5” bout it it was too late untill my computer ran out.

all i say is thanks to you for teaching all these IP address things and all.

sorry that he just did it for fun.

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What he designed does not matter. We all can add buttons and text elements. But he has the original idea.

You are copying his idea. Without his idea you wouldn’t have started at all.


I have this idea almost a month ago. before he posted.

what made me do this was the NAME itself

are we fighting for a name here?

Ok now , are you happy with the name changed?

You are missing the point here, @super-coder
By the way, please provide me the link to your app… I want to make my EastWeb01 app :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


east-west! here you go!


Thank you. I spent a lot of time on the project, put a lot of thought into it, so I appreciate someone defending me. :slight_smile:


I understand.

You are welcome.