The image link keeps dropping

I didn’t touch anything.

Do you have a copy of this project? Is this happening in the copy? I always make copies as I work so that I have a backup in case anything goes wrong.

You may need to get in touch with Thunkable staff and give them a link to your project if you’re having these technical issues (this one and the replaced variables you posted about today).

The same earlier happened to a project of mine too… I think it is a bug in the platform. Did you try to replace the pre-set empty fields with text fields containing your pictures name? Generally I don’t recommend using the pre-set (lighter colored) fields. Always replace them with real ones to avoid issues.

It would be helpful if you could share a copy of your project and file a bug report

Best, Chris


Originally it should be
Is this a bug I should contact the thunkable staff?

As I mentioned before it would be great if you could file a short report on this via the link I provided above. For now you could try to replace the light green blocks with a testblock containing the file name. Because I think the error will persist and come again sooner or later.


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The bug is obvious.
Now the link is broken every time I open it.
And it happens in every block.

The same happens to me , what is best to do is to follow @Chris advice and use the text component as we originally used to do

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What is Chris’s advice?
Is there a workaround?

replace the light green blocks with a testblock containing the file name.
What does this mean specifically?
I didn’t understand

exactly use the “Text block” and there introduce the name of the picture, if the picture is stored on the app you can simple write the name of the picture exactly as is in the assets and if is an url just put the url

And an advantage with this is that you can make a list with all the Images name ordered so if the users is on level 1 , you use the get in list component and get the first image wich it would be the level 1 image name so you dont have to repeat this blocks for each level

Imagine how many blocks you would get when you reach level 100…

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Thanks so much, this is a perfect workaround to my problem. I had actually submitted this to Github.

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I have a suspicion, that this happens when a name of a picture contains underscores or hyphen! One solution is to store the name of the picture (=filename) in a variable or a LocalDB! @mom7667yafy

That may be, but my image names that kept getting dropped were simple “canada.png” and “usa.png”.