The download button doesn't work

Hello, the button to download the iOS application that I receive on my email address does not work. The internet page does not open (and therefore does not download) if I am on my windows computer and the same if I am on the iPad … I do not understand at all if you can explain it to me.
Thank you

When you click the link from your email, does it take you to a web page? Does that web page display? Are you able to tap the button on that page? If so, is that when nothing happens?

The web page opens but when I then click on the button, nothing happens

The web page opens but when I then click on the button nothing happens

Yes, that’s the exact problem I’ve had. I usually have to re-download the project for it to work. Sometimes, tapping and holding and then tapping Open Link in New Window works for me. Sometimes, it doesn’t.

If it continues to be a problem, contact Support by clicking on the blue chat icon at the bottom-right of the Thunkable projects page.

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