Text Overylay / Text Watermark and Saving it to Gallery in Thunkable X

I’ve finally started using Thunkable X. First small project I took was a Watermark / Text Overlay over an Image and that should be saved to the gallery.
Now, when I started using X platform, I am finding solutions in Classic :stuck_out_tongue: There is an image editor extension in classic.

Well now, my question is How can I add watermark to an image and save it to gallery ? Here are a couple of things I tried:

  1. Took a row component and inserted a label ( Which contains text which is supposed to display on the image) and After taking a picture from camera - Picture is assigned to Row.background picture. But it doesn’t work…

  2. Tried through canvas like in classic.
    Canvas Watermark

Image with the modified canvas doesn’t get saved into the gallery. Only the original image is saved to the gallery.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated. Trying this since long… Problem with the classic / app inventor is the image editor / any camera apps are not compatible with Android 10.
So, plz help me out.


Hi @PK_Hyd,

I noticed this post a while a go from @rollke. It sounds similar to what you are trying to achieve?

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