Text is not completed/missing

Hello, im new to thunkable. Why is that some of the text it not completed? for example i have some text that says “Carnivore Animals” the only text that shown in my phone is “Carnivore” and “Lion” and it only shown “Lio”. The text only missing when i tried to live view it in my phone but when i tried live view it directly from the web its all good.

Here is how it suppose to look

and here is how it shown on phone

Thank you.

can someone please help me, it seems like a simple problem but i just dont understand it. I really need this to work for my school project.

Can you post a screenshot of the properties in the Design tab for one of those buttons, especially the sizing properties?

And although it’s probably not your blocks, also a screenshot of one of the button’s blocks? Or are you just setting the text value in the Design tab?

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Here is the buttons properties

here is the blocks


Those look fine. Are your buttons inside of a row or column? And if so, what is the width set to? A percentage? Fit contents? Fill container? An absolute/pixel value?

Any chance you can post a link to your project?

its not on a row or column, i just put them in the screen, the screen properties dont have any settings expect the center alignment

is it okay if I drop my project link here? will other people be able edit it?

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Ok. So, download and check the app. It shows full text or half. If it shows full text then no problem.

@oka.august8k Have you checked? It is working?

Still shows uncompleted words in the app

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Please take the width of button to automatic.

it already set as fit contents, isn’t it automatic? the problem is not only the buttons too, if you look at the “Menu” text on the screenshot above, it only shown as “Men”

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Hmmm. Can you give the link?

Please copy that screen and make a new project and paste that screen and share the link of project.

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okay wait a sec

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Why you share whole project?

I have checked your project. It is working well.


Please delete this message.

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Yeah, it looks like the problem is only in my phone i’m not sure why…

Thankyou so much for helping me


Hmmm. Now mark as solved.

done, i think…

Thank you sir

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& Most :tada::tada:Welcome :tada::tada: To You. In our community.

If you share a link to your project, no one will be able to change the original project at all. People can choose to remix it and modify what you started with but it won’t change your original.

Just be sure that you don’t share anything confidential/personal or API keys, passwords, things like that.

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