Table view change the colour of the current date row in a csv or google sheet table

Fair enough
and thank you guys including yourself for your help

I removed the button, the input box and the webview
to simplify the app as follows

I raised issues that haven’t been resolved yet I guess
on top of that Importing data from csv file still unclear for me and doesn’t build up the table that I aimed to build
I now understand that I may consider returning back in MIT App inventor until Thunkable team add an easier way to import csv file I believe developers are in need of that
Thank you for taking the time in reply though
no more bothering

You’re welcome. And it’s not a bother. I just have a limit to how much time I can offer at one time but I’m happy to answer more questions if they are specific.

I do think that a csv import is really missing. Hopefully it gets added soon.