Sync with Google Sheets doesn't work when sharing the application

I have an app which stores and retrieves data from Google - sheets. When I share this app with another account, the other account can not retrieve data from Google. The force sync throws the error: GraphQL error: Either you don’t have permision to writ to this data source or it doesn’t exist.
However the other account has the rights to access the data in Google sheets and the same account is also used for Thunkable. Any idea what I can do ?

You need to make the sheet publicly accessible to the internet. Also, people should stop using google sheets for a Database. It’s not a database people. Use a tool like supabase, xano, or even Firebase. You can host your data along with edge functions to execute your business logic.

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Thanks, you are probably right. I started with a simple sheet but ended up with several tables which are better hosted in a proper DB…I will give Supabase a try, never heard of it before.

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I checked out subabase a bit but the integration would be far more complicated as I would need to use the REST-API. The nice thing about Google sheets is, that I can e.g. generate a table with unique values and then connect a list straight to that table. How would such an implementation look like using supabase ?
I also tried your hint to make the google-sheet visible to everyone (with the link) but still Thunkable does not allow a force sync. Only after I remove the data-source and add the same data-source again it works…however, that means, that I have to re-select the datasource in every code-block

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