Survey App not communicating with airtable


I made a survey app for a school honors project and tested it throughout. Now I try to go into the app and add data but it is not communicating with the airtable. I double checked the airtable details API key, Base ID, table name, and table view, which is all correct. I went in to the LiveTest feature but that is not working and neither is the app itself. I am using in android but have it beta tested for iOS. So far no responses are being recorded in airtable like they were before I published the app. Here are the blocks from my first couple screens as the blocks are pretty repetitive. I also went through to make sure all the column names match. Let me know if I missed anything!

Are you able to retrieve data from the Airtable sheet?

Also, you have very little error checking. Set the value of label(s) to the green “error” blocks within your Create Row blocks and see what errors – if any – are generated. I learned the hard way that ignoring error blocks is not a good way to code.