[Superpost] Can we go "back" on the webviewer?


New to the X Platform. Trying to create a Web Viewer to load a site but I need a ‘Back’ button/ Previous Page button for ios and android. I can manage this is in the classic Thunkable but I am unsuccessful in the X Platform. Looking for tutorials but I cannot find any. Any assistance appreciated

Hi! Can you send me a simple that what do you want to?

I’m trying to achieve the same but I’m struggling with this issue.

I’d like to have a “home”, “back” and “previous” button but none of them works.
Home Button works only when I reach another website, so it changes the domain.

“Back” and “Forward” buttons just produce a white screen.

I’ve followed the only post that looks like to have a solutions to this requested issue.

I’m creating a simple app with Webviewer to browse a site from.
I need to insert buttons that allow me to navigate forward and backward pages and a button to return to the Home.

I actually have difficulty creating buttons to navigate back and forth with the Webview.

I’ve searched for a solutions inside the Community but looks like that none of the post I’ve found with similar issues has the solution.

Anybody has achieved this?



ios : how to make a buttom to go back on the iOS version of webviewer???

Hi there,

Thunkable X Web Viewer doesn’t currently have a ‘Go Back’ block.

You can use the ‘Set URL to [homepage]’ block to return to the original website you were viewing, or open another website. :slight_smile:

Just building out an app with the web viewer in it, unfortunately the back button ignores the web viewer and takes you back to the prior screen. Is there a way for the app to “go back” as one would in a web browser?
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Just wondering, is there any way to add navigation to the webviewer? When I look at a page in Live testing, I can click links to move forward, but there’s no way to move backwards.

Or… is there a way to make a link clicked in the web viewer open in an external browser?

Thanks :slight_smile:

i am facing the same problem in thunkable x platform and the the older version of thunkable is not working in webview so plesase solve our problem

it is very important for me

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Hi there,
You meant embed a navigator in the webviewer?
Either it look like the webviewer inside a navigator.

can you explain me

unfortunately there is not yet any possibility to do this because for whatever reason the getWebViewerURL blocks do not return the current URL but only the one you set… Pretty useless atm :confused: otherwise you could built a workaround for going back… Hope they will fix / update the webviewer soon.

how to add a button back in webview?

I have the same question…

put the back url in a button

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You could add each url into a list. if they click the back button, go to first item in list. if they long click back button, have that show a list viewer and allow them to choose which they want to go back to?

just some ideas :slight_smile:

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so where do I put this list? using blocks or? Sorry, if you don’t mind, please go a little detailed as I’m a complete noob here.

See sample https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5af7fd683098b30001ec65c3/project/properties/designer

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does not work for me at all (just shows a grey bar and label with “1” above)

@ketty_ferreira you cannot create a real “go back” button for the webview right now because it does not return the current URL so that you could store it as variable and navigate back to the last one.

Hopefully this will be added soon but right now when you use getURL it will only return the URL you set via a block but not when the user follows links.

Best, Chris

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I’m sorry to hear that. In Live on Bluestacks and Android 8.1 works well, on iOS 12.4 - only the blue area. But it also worked on iOS ((

The problem is in WebViewer. If you specify WebViewer about:blank in the address bar, this results in a white screen on iOS. This is a bug.