Suggest me to build a College department app

I want to build an app for my college department. There would be 4 or 5 columns for the teachers. Where they would be able to post any notification for students for example: tomorrow I will discuss about “xyz”, I will take a class test the day after tomorrow, be ready! etc. etc. And the students would get a notification when any teacher post something and can share it.! I have designed a prototype for the app so that you can get an idea of how the app may look like. Please help me by telling me all the steps associated to build this app. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s great that you have an idea for an app that sounds useful to other people. But you need to put in the time and work to get started building it. There are many forum posts you can search, tutorials you can read, videos you can watch, etc.

If you get stuck somewhere, post a specific question along with a description of what you’ve tried and screenshots of relevant blocks and someone will most likely be able to help you.


Step 1: Start with the Hour of Code tutorials and read the docs here

Step 2: Complete all of the basic tutorials on Youtube
Step 3: complete all of the intermediate tutorials on youtube
Step 4: Complete all of the advanced tutorials on Youtube
Step 5: Complete all of the tutorials from @Darren here
Step 6: Step your game up and study all of the stuff that @actech has provided here (careful, it’s heavy!)
Step 7: Log 50+ hours reading through forum posts covering anything that you still have questions about.

Now you’ve gone to programming class. Then, get your feet wet and start building your app. When you run into issues, search the forum first. Start reading solutions. Then if you are still stuck, post a specific question with screenshots of what you’ve tried, what the problem is, your blocks, etc.

or build your app while doing tthe other stuff listed above. That’s what i did. I learned and built my own at the same time.