Successfully thunk'd: Vigilante

I love to make security apps. Maybe because i live where people love to take what does not belong to them. Not sure if it will pass Google’s or Apple’s privacy policy test but trust me, i don’t use your data. Thanks to Thunkable’s Mobile Web Apps. No file to downlod, no apps store approval. Below is the user only instruction: instr
Vigilante allows you to browse the web pages and browse the face of the last user of your device! To set up, in your favourite browser setting, set url of ‘open a specific page on start up’ to [link removed by admin]
It works for Windows PC, MacBook and Android. The Camera does not work on iPhone and iPad. On feature request, I have raised the issue and hope Thunkable team will look into it soon. Try it for free. If you like it, go Pro for additional features.
[link removed by admin]

Additional Mobile Web App features that will help improve this design:

  1. Device ID that will persist even after clearing cache. Presently, device ID will change after clearing cache.
  2. Set Mobile Web App url as Homepage. Is this possible?

I’d have serious objections to collecting personal information like this without a users knowledge or permission.

While this is interesting from a technical perspective, and there are still browser security settings to protect users, there is no way something like this can be approved with GDPR or CCPA privacy laws.

Sorry @Patrick_Elisha but I have to remove your project links for this - hope you understand.

It’s OK. But I have a similar app made with appybuilder on Google Play Store that has over a million downloads, “Steathy Share”. The intents of the app is clearly stated. And a user reserves the right to use or not to. An unauthorised user however has no privacy to be protected on someone else’ property. That’s my view. In trial version, images are saved on the device. But in the Pro, images are saved to firebase so it can be retrieved by the user from another device. .
Thank you.

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