Storing Bluetooth data in List

Hi, I have a Bluetooth device (BLE) that sends out 10 numbers every second from 1 UUID.

I’d like to store these 10 numbers in a list in the order they are received, and then the next second this list is overwritten and so on.

So the 1st number sent out from the device gets stored in the 1st position in the list, the 2nd number in the 2nd position of the list and so on, and they are constantly being updated.

Anyone have any ideas how to go about it?

EDIT: my question is just to do with lists. I understand Bluetooth connecting/receiving and I understand timers. So I guess how do I create a list that is 10 items long that is overwritten in order?

Hi @myusername

This makes sense…

… but just wondering where are you getting the new data to overwrite the old data?

Sounds like you can use a for each item in list block to send the bits, one at a time, I’m just unclear how the overwriting would work at this time.


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