Stored Variable Doesn't Work With Data Viewer Blocks

Hi there,

I want to use variables in my app, and everything seemed good, but today it isn’t working anymore.

When I want to use a stored variable, I can’t do that because I get an internal error and the app is not saving the changes.

I get this in the console:

See my video below:

Dear Thunkable Staff,

DM me and I will send you a project link.


@skulamester could you share a picture of the blocks your using?
Or a project link?

So we can take a look at what goes wrong.


Thank you for your reply.

I think that this error is not block related, I can’t even create a new variable from scratch:

Hmm is that an empty project?
Do you have any break out of loop blocks in your project?

If you create a new scene in that project and add a new stored variable, do you see the error?

What if you do that in a different project? Is there still an error?

I’m trying to isolate the cause. So knowing the answers will be helpful. Because those internal errors often occur with different combinations of blocks but your video shows just a single block possibly causing the error.

I have deleted the variables and now the situation is looking better.

I am getting an internal error in this situation:

No error:


The value of the variable:

Anyway, I need to store the rowID in a variable, because I am working with that later in the program.

Please try setting an app variable to the stored variable’s value. Then, use the app variable block as the row id. Let me know if that removes the error. It’s somewhat preferable to do this type of value transfer from stored variables anyway because stored variable blocks slow down an app much more than app variables do.

When I use stored variables, I try to only use those blocks when I am loading or saving a value. And when I load a variable (such as when screen opens), I immediately assign it to an app variable. When I’m only accessing a value, I use an app variable instead.


I tried the way you suggested and the error is gone, thank you!