Still have some issue with onesignal

Hi all.

What is it that I am missing here. I like to send scheduled notifications. See the block I have already but they dont seem to work.
So a time input is neeted.

A nother thing is that I need to delete scheduled notification if the appoinment is deleted. How do I do that??

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What type of error you are getting?
You have not shown the URL for the OneSignal API but I assume you have coded it but not part of your screenshot, am I correct?

[Update] if I’m not mistaken, the block you are using was designed by @drted and he would be the one to let you know if anything is wrong in it at a glance.

I would suggest you put the response into a label or text box rather thank a button. That will make it easier to read the response.

When you make that change, can post the text of the response?

Thanks for your raply. Here is the things you asked for. Thanks again.
I use the button that works ok.
API url is

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It sounds like there is a problem with the user list.

Try replacing the include_player_ids with a list with just the GetUserID property of One Signal.

I found the blocks were very touchy, so I would remove the URL and header settings from the web API properties. I don’t know what the authorization header does, but it could be a problem. Again, that SHOULD be replaced by your blocks, but stranger things have happened with Thunkable.

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Thanks i will test that soon.
But do you also know how to delete and send a scheduled notification???

Sorry, I haven’t done that before

okay but I am clos but no cigar
Can you see what I am missing out here.
I have the data from this site Cancel notification


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First things first, are you able to get my example to work?

Yes I have got the create notification to work very well thanks…

Hmmm, my blocks that worked previously are having some problems. Let me dig in and get back to you.

Ugh, apparently, the only way to test it now is to build the app. :face_vomiting: