Status Bar colours are now an option! Cheers Thunkable! πŸ‘

At the bottom of each screen there are now three extra options:

StatusBar Style
Translucent StatusBar (Android Only)
StatusBar Color (Android Only)

Great for setting up an app to have more custom styling. Good job Thunkable! :slight_smile: :+1:



Just noticed this - brilliant feature indeed :heart_eyes:

Thanks Thunkable! :grinning:


Would anyone now why I can have two screen with both the exact same settings… including;
Show StatusBar - True
StatusBar Style - Default
Translucent StatusBar - True

First screen leaves a space for the StatusBar as it should… but the second screen uses all the screen space, taking up the StatusBar space???

Gone through all settings, identical, perplexed, many thanks for any guidance.

Hey @1604796tj,

Can you share some screenshots of this issue? Sometimes the boolean switches stick, and you might have to turn them off/on to re-enable them.

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Nailed it, bizarre but solved, many thanks. Sometimes its the simplest things right lol


Glad you got this sorted!

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