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Hey Thunkable Community!

My team at SwagShare, LLC. and I are pleased to announce our social commerce app (social media & e-commerce put together) called StartShare, available as a web app ( or on Google Play (

You can share posts, buy, rent, or sell almost anything in our community of creative users with StartShare. StartShare combines the best of social media microblogging and user connectivity with the ease of shopping online and scaled e-commerce tools to manage your social business. Plus with StartShare Rewards for posts and purchases, you’ll always be rewarded for the value you create.

You can shop for any local area good, shipped item, digital content, local or digital service you can think of. StartShare lets you follow other users, create regular social posts, list purchasable content, earn rewards, and make money from your phone. Merchants get paid out to our reloadable StartShare Balance, which can be spent on purchases, reloaded with a credit or debit card and Rewards points redemptions, and withdrawn to PayPal and Venmo.

Here’s some graphics I made:

I’ve used Thunkable since 2016, and before that MIT AppInventor 2 since 2012. I’ve released about 12 apps previously to the Play Store (deprecated, from different development ventures) and I am proud to really push the limits of Thunkable/AppInventor blocks capabilities by combining social media features like Twitter with Amazon and E-Bay like e-commerce features in a working app/platform.

I’d like to thank the following people who’s tutorials we used to implement the Stripe API for payments and a search bar for listings/posts and users:

We used a LOT of automation from Zapier (the premium subscription) to pull the entire project off. I’m pleased to say the automation tools have helped me and my entire operation look and operate tremendously professional (sending automatic emails, receipts, notifications, managing inventory and automating the database, etc).

Enjoy and feel free to provide feedback! Here’s a fewlinks to our social channels:

Twitter: @StartShareApp
Instagram: @StartShare

Thanks for the support!

Best regards,

Ethan at SwagShare, LLC


This is awesome!

Nice work!


Appreciate it, thank you!

Is the application made with Thunkable, or you just promoted the app that wasn’t made with thunkable

Was the App built with Thunkable? Or you just promoting apps, that weren’t built with Thunkable.

The app was made with Thunkable, I spent give or take 11 months straight on it.

wow, but why i can’t open the app

Not Working on android:

  • Brand = asus
  • Model = ASUS_Z012DB
  • Android Version = 8.0.0
  • API = 26
  • Codename = Oreo
  • Release = 8.0

Written in Thunkable with the assistance of the Adobe Creative Suite for graphic assets, third party APIs and task automation software.

Hmm… that’s strange bc I’ve not seen issues like this before. Wondering if its an incompatible chipset, bc it’s running smoothly on my S10 and iPhone 10. I’ll double check the code and see what might be causing this and the Play Store Developer Dashboard for the bug reports. I’m now also wondering if this has to do with Thunkable being stuck on a previous API version for APKs for the next few weeks until the update to Thunkable is live and us being on different versions of android.

You can try using the web app, accessible from
Also, make sure you sign up for an account otherwise it wont get you too far past the sign in screen. Make sure during sign up every single textbox is filled out (web versions are lacking alerts bc of Thunkable’s current lack of support for the component on web). I’ve got some polishing to do still on the app, but 3 months since we released the app, we’re making tremendous progress in stability and performance in each bi-monthly app update.

Feel free to reach out to my team and I for tech support via this form, or email

Thanks for checking the app out, I appreciate your support, feedback, and bug report! Screenshot saved and sent to everyone else in the software development arm of my company.


Ethan at SwagShare, LLC

I already know that your application is built using thunkable. :wink:
Look at this :

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Glad that settled it lol, thanks for the screenshot on the error message. I’ll be debugging it ASAP.

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You’re welcome, :upside_down_face:

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