Sprites moving slow and lagging

I’ve been remaking an old project, but this time I’m using DnD.
I’ve had a few bugs, but they got solved.
But there is a bug that existed even in the old version, in the first level the character moves at the right speed and smoothly, but in the other levels, it moves very slowly and not smoothly. this is in the live app.
I’ve noticed that if I go into the level(in the live app) and click the “live test on device” resetting it like if I change something, it works normally, but I have to do this for every level. and every time I test/play I have to do it again.

being a mobile game with a timer I can’t go around with my computer, and whoever I want to send it to can’t reset it.

this is the old project version: https://x.thunkable.com/projectPage/5fc8f26bb0c9b90011a360d0

this is the current project:https://x.thunkable.com/projectPage/6479b96867c12ff6bfb497fb

I’ve also tested if the problem occurs if I install it with the “download android” and it still is slow. I have a Samsung Galaxy 51 if that helps.

It’s funny when you want help with a project but then you don’t tell anyone how to play the game…

Yeah, sorry. It’s that I wasn’t sure to do multiple levels to explain the different features, like I did in the old version, or a screen that is just a key with the images and what they do. I was also unsure to do it in wnglish or italian

Unless it inverted the movement, it’s easy to understand.

Correct movement would be: tilt up the left side of the phone to go left, tilt down the bottom to go down. And viceversa.

The ballon interracts with things by colliding.

Walls reset your position.
clouds don’t do anything (yet) and are there as a border,
spikes pop you and send you to the (lost) screen, (which I’m gonna work on last, I may change my mind tho).

The portal is to go to the next level.

Sorry again for the laziness

Ah, okay! I was trying to tap on the screen…

so, I’ve finished making the game, even the tutorial.
the only bug remaining is the speed problem. which really ruins this game

the link in case it doesn’t work anymore:https://x.thunkable.com/projectPage/6479b96867c12ff6bfb497fb

My experience playing the game on an iPhone 13 Pro is that the controls and sprites are the same on all the levels I tried (1 to 3). I don’t see any slow down and everything looks smooth.

I would like to share a video of the bug, but it isn’t supported.

You can upload the video to YouTube and share the url from there. Or record it using Screencastify and post the link that is generated.

ok, thanks. here is the link:Screencastify
In the second part, my phone was pretty much vertical and it was going that slow.

I guess I have to wait for someone with android to see if they have the same problem while playing.

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