Finished game lag problem

Hello everyone I finished my game and it works perfectly on the website but sometimes it bugs or lags the spawned trees goes into each other and the whole game in slow motion but when you download the apk from the store, the game lags 24/7.

So please any advice or a solution.


Hey @Drean congrats on finishing your game!

Unfortunately without seeing your app it’s impossible to tell from here what the issue might be, so all we can do at this point is offer some guesses.

Are you using timers in your app? Have you looked into optimising your blocks? What size are your sprite images? etc. etc.

If you can share some videos or examples of this lag then we’ll be better able to help you.

the app is almost like flappy ball, 40.6mb 1screen only and works smoothly on live test but on phones nope its laggy but i just noticed when i open the app then i click play the canvas becomes laggy but when i wait few secs before clicking play the canvas is smooth gona try adding a loading icon.