Sprite Drifting on it's own

Good morning everybody. I’ve searched extensively about this question and have even had a discussion or two with a couple of the amazing members of this community but still haven’t come to any definitive answers, even though it’s happening to more than just me.

I’ve noticed when using the canvas and sprites that on occasion sprites will move on their own when dropped. I’ve set speeds to 0, set to ignore gravity, changed bounce and speed to 0, and set draggability to false and yet nothing works. Since there’s no option to code a sprites “static” property when dropped that’s not an option.

It doesn’t always happen but it happens enough to be extremely annoying and makes apps difficult to use with consistency, especially games. Have any of you experienced this and figured out a way to prevent a sprite from moving when it isn’t’ supposed to (ie. let go or dropped)? Essentially what I’m getting at is I would like a sprite to “snap” or “lock” into place when dropped without moving or gliding on it’s own. Again, I apologize for posting a repeated question but it’s a fairly big deal and I’m hoping someone either has a solution or it’s something that the Thunkable team can implement a fix for.

Thanks in advance!

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I have little experience with Canvas but have you tried this?

I hadn’t tried that, but I just did with no success. Thank you though. I know that when you drag a sprite you’re giving it some forward velocity so when you let go it still retains some of that velocity, which is why I tried changing that as well with no success. I also made sure that when I dropped the sprite(s) it was completely still but that didn’t help. Sometimes it flies across the screen horizontally or vertically, and other times it just drifts slowly.

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Yes, I’ve experience this. It always seems unpredictable to me whereas sprite physics should be completely predictable (consistent). I know that doesn’t help but I’d love to see a fix for this, too.

If you’re able to provide a link to a project that demonstrates this, we might be able to get to the bottom of it.


we will reach the bottom.

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