Splitting text from Firebase

Splitting text from Firebase
Label12 shouldn’t be empty

Why did you copy and paste my response to another topic here?

Uh oh - I’m worried I might have replaced your question with my response. Is that what happened?

Yes that happened @tatiang

I am so sorry! I’m usually very careful. I don’t know a way to undo that. Are you able to re-post by editing the original post?

@matt is there anything that can be done to restore the original post?

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Another issue is when I edited blocks as you said @tatiang

I’m not sure Firebase key names are supposed to have spaces in them. Can you try it as “DevelopersData” and also change that key name in Firebase?

To confirm that that’s causing the issue, you could also remove everything from the “then do” section to see if it’s the Get block that is causing the error… I think it is.

Before troubleshooting your other blocks which parse the value from Firebase, make sure you can display the green [value] block in a label. Are you able to do that?

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This is Valu from Firebase (label 11) @tatiang

What do you want Label 12 to display? What would it look like if it worked?

You’re taking a comma-separated text string and converting it to a list of strings. And then trying to display the whole list. Can you change it – as a test – to set Label 12’s Text to list item #1 of app variable nametext and let me know if that works?

Edit: I guess it really should work because this:

Displays this:


Not working, I try to

then working with list like display 1 st item

Can you post a link to your project?

If it was working, what would Label 12 show?

Would it show aaabbbcccdddeeefffggg?
Would it show aaa,bbb,ccc,ddd,eee,fff,ggg?
Would it show aaa?
Would it show something else…?

label 12 is empty :smiley:

@tatiang I sent a link in pm massege to you

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I think there must be a problem with your Firebase data. Because when I use a static string, it works fine:

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@tatiang I have got Firebase data correctly, see label11
i will t

Do y think that the Firebase returned vale is a text ?

The returned Value is a list, not a text
I found where the problem is :smiley:
thank you very much @tatiang