Speaker sound is not working

I am not a programmer. But thank to this wonderful app Thunkable Cross. I created a new app using webview from an existing website. Everything is working perfectly except:

Once I log in as user and select a running cricket match, for which website admin is running commentary (which is programmatically converted from speech to text), then user has an option to click on an speaker icon and can simply hear the commentary which admin is running from the backoffice.

This functionality is working very well on chrome browser on mobile. But in the app created using Thunkable and installed on the phone, nothing happens when speaker icon is clicked.

What I could do to fix this issue? I appreciate any help from the expects here.

Hi @RRott, welcome to the Thunkable community. Can you share a screenshot of the blocks you’re using to stream this audio file? Thanks!

Thank you @domhnallohanlon for your quick reply.

I am not using any block or streaming of any particular audio file,

Actually, its coming from the website which is I am simply showing using my app built in Thunkable.

Admin of the website is having his app to show cricket matches and relavant commentary. For commentary he presses buttons for relavant score (e.g. 6 runs, 4 runs, over, wideball, etc.) and from his web application he is converting that text to speech I guess. But as a user to that web application when I open it in chrome browser on mobile and press speaker icon (within the web application) then score starts to play on mobile speaker.

This functionality is not working on the apk I built using Thunkable. In Thunkable I am simply using webview to convert website to apk. Nothing else.

Thanking you in advance.