Sources will not save


I am having issues getting the sources I have set in the code to save. I am finding every time I go back into my code after logging in or after the page has been refreshed that the sources will not save. This problem only occurs within the code. I can not tell if this is a bug or If I am doing something wrong. Any help is appreciated.

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Thanks for your question :+1:

To me this sounds like you are using “app” variables in your app and when your close your app and open it again the temp data is gone, is that correct?

I would recommend using “stored” variables instead, as your data will now be persistent. Take a look at our docs to see some examples of this in action:



The image attached shows where the sources won’t save. I want to make a game where the image will change so I don’t really know how to use stored variables to do that.



Thanks for that. Did you delete or rename some of the images in your app?