Sort Data Viewer List (DVL) reverse order or by field

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There are quite a few posts over the years by users wanting to be able to reverse sort a Data Viewer List (or Grid). This is useful in the case where you are adding a new row to the data source and want that row to appear at the top of the DVL with the rest in chronological order. A simple checkbox could allow for reverse setting in the properties panel.

Ideally, it would be possible to sort the DVL by any field in the data source.

I realize there are workarounds for this but I still think it would be valuable to have a reverse sort option, especially for local data sources where there isn’t an obvious way to sort the rows.


I would love to have this as a feature. This or the ability to insert rows at the top or anywhere in the table.

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I agree - being able to sort a DVL by a data source field in ascending or descending order would avoid workarounds. Is there any chance that this could be provided in the short term?


Still hoping for this feature. :pray: